Malt Blend

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A crowd favourite. Tones of chocolate and malt. A great kick start to your day and the higher than normal caffeine keeps you going. Perfect starting point as it works well in a home machine. 

6 Reviews

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    nice smooth malt blend

    Posted by Rohan on Wedam21/Jul202173109/2021GMTamWed, 28 Jul 2021 09:08:38 +0000

    Over the years we have tried a number of coffee roasters, generally stick with those we like. We thought we would give Capra a try after visiting their Geelong shop.

    We are latte drinkers and really like the smooth taste of the Malt Blend, it always pours well and have not had a bad shot of it yet, even without playing with the grind of our machine.

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    Posted by Tony Blackburn on Friam21/May202153111/2021GMTamFri, 21 May 2021 11:05:08 +0000

    Easy to order, awesome flavour but I wanted to shout my friend a coffee from Geelong who got me onto theses beans but sadly it didn’t happen. Maybe next order

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    Delicious coffee

    Posted by Nicole Dodson on Tuepm20/Nov2020113001/2020GMTpmTue, 03 Nov 2020 13:04:14 +0000

    I love this coffee, very smooth.

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    Capra Malt Blend Coffee

    Posted by Steve Coventry on Thupm20/Aug202083108/2020GMTpmThu, 27 Aug 2020 20:57:18 +0000

    Smooth taste. So easy to drink. Working from home during public health restrictions helps you appreciate small pleasures. My mid-morning cuppa of capra malt blend gives me that pick up to get through whatever the rest of the day has in store.

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    Malt Blend Highly Recommended

    Posted by John Klova on Wedam20/Aug202083101/2020GMTamWed, 19 Aug 2020 01:49:29 +0000

    Malt Blend beans - always consistent, never harsh or bitter, perfect for smooth and rich Espresso. Since discovering them a year ago they are the only beans I buy. Speedy free delivery is a nice bonus!

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    Capra Malt Blend Coffee

    Posted by Steve Coventry on Wedpm20/May202053108/2020GMTpmWed, 06 May 2020 20:40:04 +0000

    Delivered promptly and each cup is a delightful treat.