Espresso Machine Cleaning Solution (250ml Liquid/ 5 doses)

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Cino Cleano Cleaning Solution is designed to clean old coffee oils, milk deposits and remove scale from your espresso machine. Regular use will keep your machine performing at its best and producing great coffee.


1. Pour 50 ml into water tank and add 1 litre of cold water.

2. Turn on the machine and draw out 3-4 cups of solution from the brew spout and then 1/4 cupo from the hot water steam spout.

3. Wait 5 minutes and repeat until all the solution is out of the machine.

4. Rinse the water tank with fresh water.

5. Refill the water tank with fresh water and follow the steps 2 and 3 to thoroughly rinse the machine.

6. Brew a cup of coffee and discard to re-season your espresso machine.


For machines with automatic cleaning cycles, follow the manufacturer's instructions. 

CONTAINS: Glycolic acid 1-10%, Lactic acid 1-10%, Alcohol ethoxylate 1-10%


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